Our supplies

We are exporters of several grades of Phlogopite mica, Spilting variety of colours (gold, amber, white) as per the requirement of the buyer.
We have our own staff in Madagascar, without intermediaries.
We train our collectors on the mine sites, taking into account the interest of our buyers, which is our strength and commits us to have mica of very good quality.
We guarantee our quality, delivery and shipping times.

If you are interested, please send us a request, so that we can provide you with more information and send samples at your request.

Applications : 

Mica powder can be used in the cosmetic industry. It can be used as a pre-filler for paint and coatings, as well as for the protection of the layer of welding rods, wires and electric cables.
It is also the basic raw material for mica porcelain products.
It can be used as a suspension substance in dry powder fire fighting.

Mica can be taken as a filler, housing, lubricating substance, a pattern design in plastics, rubber, asbestos products and sealing materials.
It can also be used as a filler in high frequency insulating materials of electric waves and acid durable products. Also as a coating in metal forecasting patterns, aluminium brightening material and paint in electroplating.
Transparent mica sheets called “fish glue” were used for peepholes in boilers, also for lanterns, and wood stoves because they were less likely to shatter than glass when exposed to extreme temperature gradients.
Mica is heat resistant.

Mica sheets :

We supply Mica sheets, and replacement panels. They are selected for their rigidity and clarity. The thickness of our sheets are between 01 and 02 mm.
Mica is widely used in the renovation and creation of lampshades, the radio sector, the aeronautical industry, the production of electrical machinery, coating, painting, plastic, linoleum, paper manufacturing, oil drilling, decoration and cosmetics.

Application of phlogopite mica flakes :

  1. Used in the cosmetics industry.
  2. Used as a primer filler in paint and coating.
  3. Used in the protective coating of welding rods, conduit wires and electrical cables.
  4. Used as a basic raw material for ceramic products.
  5. Used as a suspended substance in dry fire-fighting powder.
  6. Used as a filler, shelter, lubricant, pattern for plastics, rubber, asbestos products and sealing materials.
  7. Used as filler in insulation materials of high-frequency electric waves and acid-durable products.
  8. Used as a coating in the patterns of forecast metal, aluminum lighting material and paint in electroplating.
    Taking advantage of the great reserving and extracting ability of muscovite mica mine, we have been manufacturing mica products since early 1960, our products have been sold to USA, South Korea, Japan, Europe and are widely applied in the fields:
  • motor vehicles
  • paints and coatings
  • plastics
  • plasterboard and joint compounds
  • pearl dye
  • rubber
  • drilling
  • brake linings and clutches

We make prices according to quantity on request.

Currently we have two business forms:

  • Spilting: packed in 25Kg bags or in cardboard, golden colour. The material can be cut in different sizes according to the customer’s request and will define the cost. The minimum is 4 to 6 cm squares and can go up to 10 – 15 cm squares (but this is a bit rare and very expensive).
  • Phlogopite: packed in 50 Kg bags with two main colours: gold and black. The minimum size is 5cm wide with a minimum thickness of 3mm.

Our splitting production capacity remains limited because we do not yet have the expertise in this product, nor the necessary equipment.
As for phlogopite, we can ensure an average capacity of 175 T per month.
The particularity of our products is the quality control.
Each product is traceable from its original mine to its bagging thanks to a batch system marked on each bag.
Each arrival of goods is carefully inventoried according to a few simple criteria on a quality sheet: colour, level of impurity, hardness, etc.
The same applies to the output after sorting.
When the customer receives the goods, he can give us the reference in case of a complaint or in case of a specific product he would have appreciated.

The attached chemical analysis sheet listing the different chemical components of the material.