Import of Minerals

We are in collaboration with the company PLITA EROPA SAS, importer of minerals for France-Europe.
Owner and manager of PLITA companies in the USA, Europe and Madagascar, PLITA travels with its team all over the island to find the most beautiful pieces.
We work in partnership without any intermediary and have regular arrivals, to discover, works of art that nature offers us!

We are always present at the biggest world fairs, in Europe we are in Ste Marie aux Mines and at the Munich show.
The exhibition workshop is located at 30 rue de Schirrhein Kaltenhouse (France).
Our project with PLITA is to set up a fair trade system between my exhibition workshop in France and the small treasure seekers in Madagascar

Labradorite plate

Width 39 cm, length 61cm, thickness 20 mm

Labradorite sphere

Fully polished labradorite sphere – diameter 53 cm – weight 292 kg

Mica plate

Width 40 cm, length 76 cm, thickness 20 mm

Petrified wood Araucaria

Most of it is located in the southwest of Madagascar.
To access it, 6×6 trucks are used, they are not equipped with lifting gear, some trunks weigh more than 5 tons, the loading is done with the Malagasy system D.
During the rainy season, the tracks are almost inaccessible, the vehicles drive on average at 5km/h.

Fossil wood from Madagascar (220,000 million years old)

Black ebony fossil wood oval weighing 57 kg – width 95 cm – depth 80 cm – thickness 5 cm

Fossil fuel wood flame

  • Weight 38 kg
  • Height 47 cm
  • Diameter 28 cm

The plates are mostly cut and polished on site.

Fossil wood

Round plate, ivory colour

  • diameter 70 cm
  • thickness 5 cm

Ivory coloured board 37 kg

  • width 52cm
  • length 85cm
  • thickness 5 cm

Reconstituted table in fossil wood

Reconstituted oval plaque

  • weight 58 kg
  • length 1m20
  • width 62 cm
  • thickness 3.5 cm

Large rectangular plate

  • weight 50 kg
  • length 1m20
  • width 60 cm
  • thickness 3.5 cm

Small reconstituted plaque

Length 1m20 – width 60 cm – thickness 3,5 cm

Fossil wood basin with tap

Hand wash with petrified wood – 39 kg – width 50 cm – depth 40 cm – thickness 18 cm

Fossil wood basin with or without drain hole

Sink with hole – 50 kg – width 85 cm – depth 52 cm – thickness 19 cm

Sink with drain hole
39 kg – width 50 cm – depth 40 cm – thickness 18 cm

Sink without drain hole
20 kg – width 40 cm – depth 30 cm – thickness 12 cm

The southern septaria ammonite from Madagascar

Two fossils were in a shell. The shell was removed and part of the septaria was polished to bring out the colours.
The ammonite remains natural.


Giant septaria ammonite weight 135 kg
height 70 cm width 62 cm base 19 cm

Septaria, also called dragon stone

Septaria one side polished – weight 19 kg – height 45 cm – width 29 cm – thickness 14 cm

Oval fruit basket

Weight 39 kg, width 43 cm, depth 38 cm, height 23 cm

Ammonite septaria

Weight 19 kg, height, 45 cm width, thickness 13cm

Ammonite septara one side rough one side polished – width 48 cm – height 50 cm – depth 17 cm – weight 50 kg

Natural Ammonite group (without bonding)

Rare Ammonite group – 123 kg – length 65 cm – width 45 cm – thickness 17 cm

Jasper comes from its northern rocky composition in Madagascar.
Excellent protector-harmoniser appreciated by therapists for its purifying and soothing properties

Polished Jasper top, natural polychrome beige

Weight 23 kg – Length 65 cm – width 48 cm – thickness 5 cm

Unsawn ammonite, ram’s horn

Large Ammonite cleaned ivory colour

Weight 35 kg – Length 65 cm – width 45 cm – depth 17 cm

We also have a whole range of collection minerals !!!

Ammonite septara one side rough one side polished width 48 cm height 50 cm depth 17 cm weight 50 kg