Ancient Earthenware Stove

Earthenware Stove Restoration

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Poêle ancien avec vitre !


Ancient Earthenware Stove Restored

poêles en faïence

Our antique ceramic stoves are completely restored to burn wood or charcoal as originally designed. The heavy ceramic tiles accumulate and diffuse the heat creating a genuine, lasting warmth.

With an optional heating element, the charm and efficiency of a ceramic stove is combined with the convenience of electric heat without the need for a chimney.

In fact, this method of heat conservation and diffusion using kiln bricks for the chamber and artistic ceramic outer pieces has been used by master stove-builders since the 16th century. This construction is very efficient, whether heated by wood or electricity, and is a true work of art.

Since 1986 our master craftsmen have been rebuilding and restoring  hundreds of antique ceramic stoves in our studio in the Alsace region of  France.

Our list of satisfied customers covers many countries in Europe as well  as the United States and Canada.

Click to see the detailed operations of restoration of an old earthenware stove.

Please note : possibilities of rent of stoves for movies or other subjects.
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